“Rick is a skilled group facilitator, both entertaining and informative. He has an engaging, informal style packed with information. He covers a lot of content in a short time. A strong organizing framework is provided, making it easy for people to follow. Rick’s dry wit entertains and engages the audience while making his points. I can recommend Rick most strongly as a speaker and workshop leader. His book is also terrific. Instead of vague and abstract advice, he recommends definite and specific actions which, in my experience, are very effective. I try to use at least one of his ideas every day.”
— Stuart A. Bronstein, Speaker Coordinator
SF Chamber of Commerce and Commonwealth Club

“…I’d like to thank you again for doing such a great job with the ‘People Who Hate to Sell’ session. You provided good, insightful answers to questions that really matter–including some eye-openers that I suspect your audience hadn’t discovered yet.”
— Jeffrey Tarter, at the 1995 Software Marketing Summit

“I would like to thank you for the outstanding presentation you gave at our July meeting. The information about practice development and marketing was precisely what the group wanted and you made it specific to our industry.”
— John Moore
Moore & Ripple, CPA

“provides a new look at the topic of selling. In Rick Crandall’s seminars, the concept of relationship selling versus the traditional sales model has been a real eye opener for our clients and helped many small business owners change their mindsets as to how they view sales.”
— Charles Eason, Director
Small Business Development Center
Napa Valley College

“…thank you for your recent lecture Non-Selling your way to success. ITM members really enjoyed the seminar…you were a major hit.”
— Danny Holmes, President
Ideas to Market

“Rick Crandall has been a speaker for our organization on several occasions in the past. He is very engaging, motivational, interesting, and informative. At the same time he was highly personable, and it was a pleasure for us to work with him…the feedback we received from his presentation was immensely positive.”
— Carida Pickens, Executive Director
Northern California Supplier Development Council

“Thank you for the information-packed seminar…I can’t remember when I’ve heard so much of interest in a short time! Many of the members commented on how interesting and informative your presentation was.”
— Margaret Yuan, Speaker Program Chair
Marin Small Publishers Association

“We were very appreciative of the wealth of information you provided…we look forward to having you speak at future meetings.”
— Carol Honor’e
General Services Administration
Small Business Specialist

“Thanks very much for speaking at the American Society for Training and Development (North Bay) January program. I have received positive feedback about you from people there. It was a great way for us to kick off 1997!”
— Janet Hardy

“…I have been reviewing a stack of evaluations that have come in during the last quarter….You have always gotten outstanding comments from those who attend, and these were no exception. I want you to know how much I appreciate all the good work you have done for our program since 1989.”
— Sandy Roberts, Director
Community Education & Services
College of Marin

“Your presentation was both informative and appropriately focused. Based on what you said, we’ve already initiated a team concept dealing with retention of existing clients.”
— Michael P. Merrill
Merrill, Arnone, & Handelman

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