Dr. Rick Crandall works with individuals and companies on a variety of consulting projects. This includes:

  • advice on marketing issues
  • mentoring individuals
  • handling specific tasks from research to setting up a business
  • setting up small publishing companies
  • results-based publicity

His rate is $200 an hour or $2500 a day. The hourly rate is used to offer past students from seminars casual consulting over lunch.

Discount List Rentals

Millions of mail and email lists are available to rent on a one-time use basis. Some smaller number are available for purchase. List brokerage services are free to you when you rent. (The commission is paid by the renter.)

We are a registered list broker. However, we work with only a few clients who mail to many lists. As a result, if you know what you want and plan to mail large quantities, we can rebate you 4% to 10% on your list rental costs. This gives our mailers an edge in testing more lists and making marginal lists profitable.

We are also knowledgable about printing and direct marketing. Thus, we can provide informal advice (or paid work) on other aspects of your mailing as well.

Contact Rick now for more information!

How to Get Publicity

Over the last 20 years, we have been both editors and publicists. We understand the process of how to get publicity from both sides.

Under clearly defined circumstances, we will work to get you publicity on a pay for performance basis. For instance, $500 for an article by or about you in a trade magazine.

We can NOT get you on Oprah or in the Wall Street Journal for $500.

What we can do is invest the up front time at our risk to assure that you get publicity. If you’ve been paying a $5000 a month retainer and are not satisfied with what you’ve gotten, we can probably help you. If the idea of spending $5000 total over the next few months to get publicity sounds expensive to you, we can’t help you.

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