A Marketing Focus For Contractors

Most companies seem to neglect their marketing. In smaller companies, principles generally like to build, not sell. Here are a few tips on getting more jobs.

  • Have someone in your company who has the prime responsibility for generating new business. If there’s no responsibility, there’s no production.
  • Marketing can be a part-time job, but it must be recognized as a real job.
  • It takes time to make connections. Budget time to go meetings, call people, follow-up bids, and so forth.
  • Once you get organized, clerical help can work on your marketing. If you subscribe to a service that announces bids, someone can sort them out to save management time. A clerk can make calls to find the right people, handle mailings, and the like.
  • Keep your eye on negotiated projects. There is more profit and less competition. Your current and past clients are a place to start.
  • Architects can give you information before projects are sent out to bid. For negotiated work, and getting on bid lists, you need to become known by larger architects and engineers.
  • Your easiest marketing is done to existing happy clients. Don’t neglect existing business to chase after possibilities.
  • Try something new every month. Send a postcard to current clients. Call three large architects a week. Get interviewed in the paper. Offer a seminar for owners. Ask your subs for referrals. The possibilities are endless. Not all will work or fit your style, but find the ones that do.

Marketing is the building of relationships between your company and prospects and clients. It shouldn’t be neglected. It shouldn’t be painful. It is as much the source of your profits as the efficient running of your jobs.

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